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Experience tranquility on the go with “SilentSnooze”, a uniquely designed venting neck pillow that combines the comfort of memory foam with the peace of noise reduction. Ideal for travelers, commuters, or anyone seeking a quiet escape, this pillow provides both neck support and a quiet environment, enhancing your rest and relaxation.


  • Premium Memory Foam: Filled with memory cotton and supported by a nylon bracket for superior neck support and comfort.
  • Innovative Fabric Design: Covered in sky star fabric and breathable mesh cloth for a soft and cooling effect.
  • Integrated Earmuffs: Equipped with apple cloth and sound insulation sponge to reduce ambient noise and disturbances.

Matters Needing Attention:

  1. Memory cotton should not come into contact with water as it will swell, hence the pillow is not washable.
  2. To maintain the noise reduction effect, the pillow case and earmuff are not detachable.

Perfect for:

  • Providing a serene and supportive resting experience during travel, in the office, or at home.
  • Those sensitive to noise and in need of uninterrupted sleep, especially in noisy environments.

Included in Package:

  • 1x “SilentSnooze” Venting Neck Pillow with Noise Reduction


Additional information
Weight 0,75 kg
Dimensions 220 × 201 × 194 cm

Black M male, Grey M male, Grey S Female, Pink S Female, Silver M male, Silver S Female


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